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How To Keep Your Teeth Pearly White: Expert Tips to Follow

Having a pearly white smile is something that many strive for and is a great way to boost your confidence and overall appearance. However, it can be difficult to keep your teeth looking their best, especially if you’re someone who loves drinking coffee and tea or eating sugary treats. Fortunately, there are some simple tips…

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Tooth Discoloration, What Should I Do?

A very common cause of tooth discoloration is a childhood injury called a pulpal bleed or bruise of the tooth due to force or trauma. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the tooth is non-vital. An evaluation by a Hastings Street Dentist is recommended for a definitive diagnosis. Your teeth can become discolored by stains on…

vancouver teeth whitening

Teeth Whitening

Your smile is extremely important. It’s absolutely the first thing people notice when they meet you. Leave a memorable impression by showcasing a whiter, brighter smile. And hey, it’s also a confidence booster! But the real truth is that your everyday lifestyle and aging process can darken and stain your teeth. Listed below are many…