I Want My Teeth To Be White, What Should I Do To Get The Best Result?

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Go to a Pro! Your dentist will use a much stronger whitener than anything you could get at the store or online. Whitening gels used by dentists usually have a 25% to 40% concentration of hydrogen peroxide. That’s the stuff that changes the colour of your teeth.

The gel stays on for 15 or 20 minutes. That process is repeated once or twice. Sometimes the dentist aims a light at your teeth to speed up the whitening (although most studies show the lights don’t do much). This whole treatment costs around $500 or $600, but many dentists offer discounts to attract new patients. You should see a difference about 45 minutes.

People expect that they’ll come in for an hour and that their teeth will be dazzling white and that’s not the case. It will always depend on what the starting point is and what their habits have been in the past, including whether they’re heavy coffee drinkers or drink red wine.

Moreover, for better result, ask your dentist to give you a take-home treatment after whitening process at the clinic to maintain the whiteness, and to increase the whitening shades. They will take an impression of your teeth and use that to make a fitted tray. The whitening gel goes inside the mouth guard. It comes in several strengths. You can wear the guard while you’re asleep if you have a lighter gel, or for 30 minutes to an hour each day if it’s a higher-power option.

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  • With the free take-home whitening kit Dr. Dhir gave me, I was able to get about 10 shades whiter in 2 weeks. It’s about the technique of applying it! Just ask Dr. Dhir to show u.

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